BoloBolo Show

BoloBolo Show is a diverse platform for creative & meaningful discussion aimed towards the betterment of society and the productive use of available opportunities and resources. In the cacophony of today’s print, broadcast, web, and social media, we thrive to be different in our approach and presentation.

We feel that Advocacy plays an important role in bringing the best through contemplation, debates, and that’s where introspection yields the right decisions.

Every complex/complicated & multifaceted situation can be resolved through dialogue, misunderstandings & trust deficits can be cleared through mediation by qualified intellectuals who can play an important role in bridging the gap.

The main purpose of this platform is to have your opinion and views shared for creating a consensus by participation through the state of art application available on both iOS & Android platforms. It has been created specifically to engage in real time expressing feedback on various topics where views are solicited, and results are then shared complied from the response of the subscribers.